A Message from Fr. Thomas

On this Thursday, December 8th, we celebrate the Immaculate Conception. She is Patroness of our country. On this day, which is a Holy Day of Obligation, we will have Mass at 8:30 am at St. Thomas Aquinas, 5:00 pm at St. Columban, and we will have 7:00 pm at St. Thomas Aquinas. Plenty of opportunities to get to Mass on this day.

Also on Thursday, December 8th, some of our parishioners will be making or renewing their Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. What a truly remarkable gift this is. For those that will be making this, we will do it after each Mass. Question or concerns on this, please see me and I will do my best to help explain what is happening.

This weekend, I am to be in the Cities for State Knights of Columbus meetings. If all goes right, I am there and Fr. Dennis Hoffman is celebrating Mass for us. Please thank him for coming and pray for more priests!

This weekend is 21 days until Christmas – are we spiritually prepared for it? Many people make cookies, decorate houses, and so much more, but have we spent an extra five minutes talking to Jesus about His coming birth? Maybe it would be good to pray the first and second decades of the Rosary, The Annunciation and Visitation. We could also open up the Scriptures to chapter one of Matthew’s Gospel and chapter one of Luke’s Gospel which happen just before the birth of Jesus. We are so blessed to have many things that God gives us to make us ready for Him.

Christmas is coming soon enough.

The schedule for Christmas Masses is as follows:

Saturday, December 24th: Christmas Eve
4:00 pm at St. Thomas Aquinas
6:00 pm at St. Columban

Sunday, December 25th: Christmas Day
10:30 am at St. Thomas Aquinas

I hope and pray that we will be prepared to truly celebrate His birthday when it comes in three weeks.

Fr. Thomas P. Galarneault