Protect Reproductive Options Act

Dear Parishioners,

The following is important information from the Minnesota Catholic Conference:

The Protect Reproductive Options Act, an extreme pro-abortion bill that will also have a broad range of consequences including preventing parents in some cases from being involved in the healthcare of their minor children, was narrowly passed Thursday night by the House, and is now expected to be voted on by the Minnesota State Senate early this week. If passed, Governor Walz has promised to sign it into law.

The Minnesota Catholic Conference is asking every Catholic across the state to urge their Senator to vote no on this bill. There is only a one-vote majority in the Senate, so your message can truly sway the outcome. As soon as Mass ends, please go to MNCATHOLIC.ORG to send an email, a video, or call your State Senator.

For your information, the District 3A Senator is Grant Hauschild (DFL) and can be contacted by calling (651) 296-1789 or by going online to and submitting a message to his office about this important matter.

Leadership has promised to make abortion a top priority upon the start of their legislative session. We want to share the message of truth with them and dissuade them from voting on bills that would endorse the killing of innocent babies.

In Christ,
Fr. Thomas P. Galarneault | Pastor