Faith Formation

Welcome to Faith Formation!

It is a great blessing to teach your child(ren) more about the Catholic faith and prepare them to receive the sacraments.  Whether your child is preparing for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion or for the sacrament of Confirmation, it is important to understand that the preparation is just the beginning of a lifelong commitment they are making to their faith and God.  Faith Formation presumes that parents are trying to help form their children at home in the Catholic faith.  It presumes that children are being brought up praying every day.  Faith Formation builds on what the parents are doing, and so it is expected that parents are living the faith by getting the family to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day.  It is presumed that parents will be agreeing with all the teachings of the Church (to struggle with a teaching is different, but that should be brought out into the light, and if need be discussed with someone who understands the teaching and can help us journey through the struggle).  In order for us to be successful, in God’s eyes, with Faith Formation, these presumptions need to be met.  It is our hope and prayer that our Faith Formation program is building on what parents are doing at home.  We are here to support the parents in being the first teachers of the faith.  Please pray for God to bless this work of helping all generations to praise and worship God.